Spindle Repairing

Spindle Repairing

What is our spindle repairing process?

Log the Spindle Into Our System
When the spindle arrives at our facility, our professional technicians will log the spindle for repair into our system to make sure every detail is documented throughout the spindle repairing process.

External Inspection
We then inspect the spindle to identify any external damage that could have been the reason for the spindle malfunctioning.

Our professionally trained spindle repairing technicians will breakdown each component carefully while looking for areas that lack oil, have extreme wear, or identify any other potential causes of failure. Each part is then polished, solvent-washed, and dried.

Component Inspection
Each component is evaluated by our technicians to identify any issues that could have to be the cause of the breakdown. After the full analysis is completed, the technician will then deliver a detailed summary of the identified causes of malfunction and any rework replacement parts that are required to complete the repair.

Once all replacement parts are ready to go, our professionally trained spindle repairing technicians will begin the process to bring the spindle back to perfect working condition as quickly as possible.

Bearing life can be drastically reduced if the components are not balanced correctly. At MZI Precision, we use the latest technology to balance each shaft as well as the fully assembled spindle.

Our highly trained technicians then assemble the spindle while taking extreme care and using only the highest grade oil and grease lubricants.

Upon completion of the assembly, our technicians will then run the spindle through our documented break-in procedure up to the maximum RPM then complete by balancing the unit.

While running the spindle through these tests, all elements of the spindle are monitored to confirm that everything is operating to the original specifications.

Return to Customer
At MZI Precision, we have implemented the best standards when it comes to shipping your spindle back to your location. The spindle will be cared for at the highest level and packaged to remove any risk of damage during transportation back to your facility.

With MZI Precision, you will gain access to a highly-skilled, experienced group of technicians that are 100% dedicated to delivering the best service for your spindle repair needs.

Contact MZI Precision today to get your spindle repair quote or to learn more about our services: (714) 379-6505

Spindle Repairing

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